Hello Wonderful Activists & Community Service-Lovers!
This is just a friendly reminder that we have a meeting tonight from 8 to 9 PM in Walker 416! Here are a few things we'll be going over:

- President Pelton "thank you" card & EPSJ swag gift
- Committee Updates
- Brainstorm how we can end the semester with a bang!
- Brainstorm more community service projects for next year
- Women's Rights event in April
- ESSA support

Also, check out this message about a volunteer opportunity for tonight from 7 to 8 PM: 

Hey EPSJ!I am interning at the League of Conservation Voters trying to get Ed Markey elected in the upcoming special Senate election. Our main focus is environmental issues, but Ed Markey also supports social issues including gay marriage and a woman's right to choose. Essentially he is a champion on all issues Democratic. We are holding a phone bank on campus this Wednesday from 7-8 in the Campus Center (room TBA) and we need about 7 volunteers to come out and help. We have free pizza, tshirts, and water bottles for the volunteers. We can also sign off on volunteer hours, if needed.

If anyone can go - that'd be awesome! Free food and fun!


Dylan Manderlink & Christian Bergren-Aragon

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