(In response to a reflection question on Alternative Spring Break)   
       We change the world by our mere existence. Why not make that change positive? We create ripples, despite our intention. That is both empowering and frightening. Every action changes something. We change the world. We do. We have to realize the greatness that lies in your words, my fingers, our actions. We have to realize the potential the power, the vitality. We have to realize and utilize it. Some say that it is futile to try to change the world, that it is ignorant. Tell those cynics to shut their half-empty asses up. We are not small. We are beams, stars, explosions of possibility, of positivity and the stuff that world change is made of. We are the right chemicals to catalyze a widespread world change. We are the fire under the movement. We are so much more than what we take ourselves for. We are supernovas. 

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